An interview with Dirkjan Bussink

I like to have variation and don't want to be doing the same thing day in day out

Dirkjan Bussink spends his working days between cows in the scenic country side of the Netherlands at Nedap. There he works on software and sometimes even plays with actual hardware devices. As one of his hobby's he likes tinkering with Rubinius and has been an active contributor for the last three years.

Hi Dirkjan! How was your last weekend?

Relaxed, watched some Olympics, went to a birthday party. Nothing very fancy actually but it's good to have weekends like that too :). Two weeks ago I was in the US and next week at Eurucamp, so having some spare weekends is often something to cherish.

How you spend typical day?

Pfff, what is a typical day anyway? Often I'm at work in the office, or on the road to customers or maybe some other appointment. When in the office it can go from software development, discussing new stuff with colleagues or sometimes just thinking and experimenting about new things. Spending evenings with friends, making a nice dinner or just getting takeout and hanging on the couch, it all happens :).

How would you like to spend a typical day?

Basically pretty much like how I do it now. I like to have variation and don't want to be doing the same thing day in day out. If there's not much variation, I go crazy pretty fast so I try to make sure to keep it exciting.

What software are you using the most?

Using all kinds of tools, mostly using OS X as operating system day to day but for various purposes I often also use Linux. Mostly use MacVim for development, except for Java where I usually use Netbeans. Usually have mail and some messaging stuff running, except for when I really can't use any disturbance. Actually all this is absolutely not exciting, I'm pretty standard here.

Imagine World without computers. What would you do for a living?

I've doubted about studying physics too. Maybe I'd try to discover new things in this area by scribbling unintelligible formula's on white boards.

Please describe your perfect holiday.

The one where you don't plan it to be upfront. I try to plan as few thing as possible up front and just often see what happens. Last year me and my girlfriend drove around through Canada, basically rented a car and had some ideas on where we wanted to go. Other than that we often decided on a day to day bases what to do next.

What music bands we can find in your playlist? Do you listen to music while working?

My playlist varies like crazy across all kinds of music styles. It can go from classical like for example Chopin, from Infected Mushroom to Yann Tiersen or something like the Dire Straits. Whether I listen to music when coding is pretty much 50/50 I guess. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

Could you send me your new picture, exclusively for BaRuCo?

I don't even thing I have something recent that would work, except for an emotionless passport picture ;). If I come across something, I'll let you know!

I found that you have touched many different technologies i.e C++, C#, Java, OpenGL, Java3D, PHP, Perl, SQL and Ruby of course. Which of them are you using right now? Which you enjoy the most?

Mostly use C, C++, Ruby and Java these days. The higher level I go, the higher level language I want. I wouldn't want to write the stuff I write in C in Ruby, but also definitely not the other way around. I don't like Java as a language that much and mostly hate all the verbosity. It does have some good components though that outweigh the disadvantages in some situations for me.

“Dirkjan Bussink spends his working days between cows in the scenic countryside“ it’s the weirdest sentence in Baruco website. Please explain :-)

The company I work for is located in a small town in the Netherlands called Groenlo: When I drive to work, along they way there are just a few towns and a lot of grass lands. There are a lot of farms and in the spring you can see the cows jumping of joy because they can go outside again after the cold winter.

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