Destroy All Software

Gary Bernhardt is a creator and destroyer of software compelled to understand both sides of heated software debates: Vim and Emacs; Python and Ruby; Git and Mercurial. He runs Destroy All Software, which publishes advanced screencasts for serious developers covering Unix, Ruby, OO design, and TDD.

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Dirkjan Bussink spends his working days between cows in the scenic country side of the Netherlands at Nedap. There he works on software and sometimes even plays with actual hardware devices. As one of his hobby's he likes tinkering with Rubinius and has been an active contributor for the last three years.

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Github Cofounder

Scott Chacon is the CIO of GitHub. He is the author of the ProGit book by Apress (, the Git Internals Peepcode PDF aswell as the maintainer of the Git homepage ( and the GitCommunity Book. Scott has presented all over the world., OSCON, RuPy, Symfony Live, Ruby Kaigi, RailsConf, RubyConf, Scotland on Rails, Euruko to drop a few names. He also does corporate training on Git allover the where. Scott is not an actor on Mad Men, and refuses to participate in Karaoke.

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Programmer, Rubyist, Surfer, Father. I am DNSimple,, PillowTalkr.

Anthony Eden is the founder of DNSimple and the perpetrator of numerous open source projects such as ActiveWarehouse and Rails SQL Views. Anthony has also contributed to a wide variety of open source projects over the past 17 years as a software developer using multiple languages including Java, Python and Ruby. Anthony currently lives near Montpellier, France.

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Rubinius Core Team, Engine Yard

Brian has been working on Rubinius since December 2006 and with Engine Yard since January 2008. He created the RubySpec project to improve the standards for high quality, compliant Ruby implementations. He hopes to see Ruby become an even more widely used language and improved to make lives of developers even better. He also enjoys whisky but will accept a good wine in a pinch.

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Still writing code after over 40 years, still surfing on the bleeding edge

Fred George has been writing code since 1968, and claims to have used over 70 languages in that time. An early adopter languages and processes throughout his career, Fred has focused on the post-Agile process, Programmer Anarchy, lately in his development work. He is currently an independent consultant living in London.

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Sinatra, Rack, Rubinius

As current maintainer of Sinatra, Konstantin is an Open Source developer by heart. Ruby has become his language of choice since 2005. He regularly contributes to different widespread projects, like Rubinius, Rack, Travis, Rails and MRI.

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A Ruby developer with sound fundamentals, firm grasp on the industry, and innovative development approaches are all phrases inapplicable to Zach Holman. He works at GitHub, and hacks on sparkline generators, robot music DJs, and ethically frightening FaceTime + Chatroulette mashups. He blogs, he tweets, he evades his taxes.

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Concurrency and low-level master

After her studies in metallurgy, Elise realized job in that area were not her cup of tea, and she looked for jobs in an earlier interest, software. Since then, she’s been rolling through jobs in C, C++, Java, a masters in AI, before falling in love with Ruby and going freelance. 12 years of software have helped her get a firm understanding on what works. She’s a jack of all trades, loves reading, tinkering, food, travel, learning, and people out of the ordinary.

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Josh is a top 30 Ruby on Rails contributor and has been working with the framework since 2008. He maintains a bunch of open-source Ruby projects, including multijson, linkedin, faradaymiddleware and his own completeness-fu. He's also one of Amsterdam.rb's organizers, and an integral part of the core Travis-CI team.

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6Wunderkinder, Koala, books

Alex is Just Another Rails Developer at 6Wunderkinder and the author of the Koala Facebook gem. Before joining the Wunderkit team to make the world more productive, he helped build a leading social marketing platform, led part of a massive healthcare IT installation in California, and moonlighted as an online bookseller. An amateur cook, eager language learner, and inveterate book reader, Alex dual majored in computer science and scavenger hunts at the University of Chicago.

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Rails Core Team, Docrails

Xavier Noria is an independent Ruby on Rails consultant from Barcelona. Xavier is the author of Rails Contributors and a Rails core team member. Honored to have been presented a Ruby Hero Award at RailsConf 2010.

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Metaprogramming Ruby

Paolo Perrotta wrote the "Metaprogramming Ruby" for the Pragmatic Bookshelf. He has more than ten years of experience as a developer and writer, working for domains ranging from embedded to enterprise software, computer games, and web applications. These days, Paolo coaches agile teams and mentors programmers throughout Europe. He lives in Bologna, Italy.

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Rails Antipatterns, Thunderbolt Labs

Tammer Saleh, founder of Thunderbolt Labs, is a long time Rubyist, leader, and published author. As VP Enginnering at Engine Yard, Tammer ran the development team and the flagship Cloud product. He authored the acclaimed book, Rails AntiPatterns with Chad Pytel. He’s also the author of the Shoulda testing framework, and the fantastic Airbrake service. Tammer has given classroom training in Ruby, Rails, JRuby, and Test Driven Development, and has speak at various Ruby and Rails conferences around the world.

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Mongrel, Learn Code The Hard Way

Zed A. Shaw is the creator of the greatest software development methodology ever: Programming, Motherfucker. He also writes books that teach people to code, including "Learn Python The Hard Way", "Learn Ruby The Hard Way", and soon to be released "Learn C The Hard Way". He plays a lot of guitar, and builds them too.

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Applicake, Programming Workout

After leaving the corporate universe and developing a few computer games (like Motorstorm or Saints Row 2) for the PS3, XBOX and PC, Michał entered the Ruby World. Today, he makes delicious software at Applicake, manages projects and trains fellow programmers during Code Retreats.

Michał enjoys pushing people out of their comfort zones and into new rewarding experiences. He can also talk for hours about how seemingly unrelated skills (such as running, dancing, hand balancing or juggling) can help you become a better programmer.

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Rails Antipatterns, Thunderbolt Labs

Founder of Thunderbolt Labs, is a classically trained musician that took one too many calculus classes along the way and got sucked into the sciences. Being both blessed and cursed with a strange form of technology ADD, he’s worked in various industries with numerous startups covering everything from robotics, to low level telecommunications & networking to applied computing for stock trading systems. Randall is an internationally renowned speaker on practical data mining techniques and the business of startups.

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