Talk videos!

December 17, 2012

We've finally uploaded and posted the videos from all the talks, they are now available for download or to been seen in YouTube.

Enjoy them!

Hello again rubyists from around the world!

We are pleased to announce that all the media post-production from the conference is going full steam ahead, check out a little sneak-peek to whet your appetite!

Also, find below some of the best photos from our flickr that you guys sent to us! You are awesome!

Happy coding & see you soon!

Aentos, a media company based on Canary Islands sent us a few lines about them.

Aentos is a small company founded in 2007 and based on the sunny Canary Islands, Spain. We are a young and passionate team and enjoy building web and mobile applications. We have a strong focus on Ruby and rich interfaces with Javascript but we have been recently relying on other technologies such as Scala, too. We are currently working an own product called GrapheneDB, a graph database on the cloud. Check out the site and if you are interested please do signup for early developer access. Most of the entire Aentos team (six of us!) will be attending the conference. We really look forward to meeting old friends and a lot of nice people at Baruco and hopefully exchange some impressions and gather some feedback about our new product.

The Cocktail is a Madrid, Spain based consultancy specialized in digital design, e-commerce and digital strategy.

We offer our clients the talent necessary to understand the web in-depth as well as helping them to take advantage of the bussiness opportunities it offers.

Ruby has been part of our technology stack since 2005, either driving fast and scalable applications for our clients or being our systems integration language of choice. Our web portfolio includes e-commerce portals, social sites and custom content management systems. Finally, we also use Ruby to develop RESTful backend APIs for mobile applications.

Besides being proud sponsors of this year's Baruco, we are also sponsoring madrid-rb (RUG in Madrid). We hope to enjoy this weekend with fellow rubyists!

New Baruco iOs app released

September 03, 2012

Hey iPhone users!

Did you hear the news? The word is on the street, we released our awesome iOS app!!

This has been possible thanks to five devoted developers, Adam Lipka (@adamlipka), Piotr Dębosz (@d_bosh), Konrad Księżopolski (kondziorny), Oskar Krawczyk (@oskar) and Kamil Starski (@kstarski) from EL Passion team. Thanks to EL Passion they were able to make it lightning fast just before conference. You're rockstars, guys! <3

Adam Lipka Piotr Dębosz Konrad Księżopolski Oskar Krawczyk Kamil Starski

The app comes with News, Agenda, Talks, Sponsors, Location, and push notifications for any last minute news. Check it out, it's really cool!

You can download it at the iTunes store or simply search for 'baruco' on your iPhone.

Cheers and see you in Barcelona in only five days!

Scalarium automates Amazon EC2 and other cloud providers. Scalarium powers several high traffic sites and games around the globe. Deploy and manage Rails, Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, or anything else with the click of a button.

Scalarium is developed in Berlin, Germany by a small team, which is looking for highly talented developers – so if you <3 automation and clouds – apply for an open position online or get in contact with the Scalarium team during Baruco.

It all started with the guys at Peritor working hard on consulting gigs and helping people move their applications to Amazon EC2. Doing this is complex and involves a lot of repetition. Also Amazon EC2 lacks some fundamental capabilities like automatic replacement of dead hosts, easy configuration, or application deployment support. So Scalarium was born in mid 2009 to fill that gap. Scalarium now hosts some really big and popular sites and games around the globe - we could drop webscale or big data here – but we don’t ;).

Scalarium is a management layer on top of EC2 that automates the hell out of your machines and gives you:

  • Configuration with Chef
  • Healing and replacement of failed hosts
  • Auto scaling by time of day or load metrics on your machines
  • Built-in deployment and logging
  • Extensive monitoring and tracking

The most important component of Scalarium is an agent running on every machine. It communicates the server state up to Scalarium and responds to changes by executing Chef runs. Scalarium uses Chef to form servers into your desired state. What differentiates Scalarium from a simple Chef server setup is that Scalarium generates life-cycle events (like setup, deployment or configuration state change) and pushes them down to all machines rather then relying on Chef server to pull. By having multiple life-cycle events you can tell Scalarium what to do when servers come or go or how to respond to a new application server (e.g. by adding it to the load balancer).

You model your architecture by using built-in roles (like Rails app server, MySQL server, load balancer, or Node.js app server) or by creating custom definitions. Thanks to the power of Chef, Scalarium can automate anything scriptable.

Using the provided auto scaling mechanisms many clients scale down the number of machines during the night and boot them over the day as needed. This saves a lot of money as you only pay for what you are actually using.

Our team is based in Berlin and primarily works with Sinatra/Rails for the API and Frontend, Nanite, RabbitMQ, CouchDB, Redis, Chef, and of course Ruby for the backend.

Right now we are changing a lot of our own architecture and start to work with SWF, SQS, and DynamoDB. We also will migrate our frontend to a fancy JavaScript App. So if you are a good Ruby or JavaScript developer looking for a job creating a giant robot that maintains thousands of servers, drop us a line at

Forward, the media technology company from Camden dropped us a few lines about their modus operandi.

Forward is an award winning digital marketing agency based in Camden, London. Our success is driven by talented people who are given the freedom to experiment with technology in a low ceremony environment. Forward is reliant upon developers who actively engage in the business and go beyond a traditional role. Development is at the core of how we solve problems, from testing new businesses in a day to discovering how the weather affects web traffic. This has made us one of the top ten fastest growing privately owned technology companies in the UK.

Hi people!

Today we are here to explain where is going to be our amazing party. After looking for a place for more than 3 months we decided to celebrate it at the beach.

The party will take place at Bambú Beach bar, located in Llevant beach, next to the Forum and Diagonal Mar. We'll enjoy good music in a beautiful place and relax after a hard -and productive- conference day.

We'll give some free drinks to everyone thanks to Github. Thus, come, enjoy and laugh with us! Expect surprises as well!

Another important question is how to arrive:

Subway from Cosmo Caixa (or Plaça Catalunya from the step 3) + Walk:

  • Take Linklogo1FGC brown line 7 (towards Plaça Catalunya)
  • From Plaça Catalunya walk towards Urquinaona stop
  • Take the Barcelona_metro_logoMetro yellow line L4 (towards La Pau).
  • After 7 stops, get off at Selva de Mar.
  • You have to walk to Avinguda Litoral, about 10 minutes.

Cheers and see you in Barcelona beach!

So here we are again! This time to introduce XING, one of our diamond sponsors.

Gemma Garmeson, Team Leader in Barcelona itself, has dropped us a few lines about how they actively contribute to Ruby and their ecosystem, and the development scene in Barcelona. Check it out!

At XING, ever since we brought engineering in-house in 2006, we started to develop in Ruby on Rails. We love using Ruby on Rails because it allows rapid and agile software development, and to have well structured code which allows new engineers to join and quickly be productive.

We are active in contributing to open source:

  • Stefan Kaes our Principal System Architect has contributed many performance patches to Ruby on Rails.
  • We are supporting the development of Graylog 2 from one of our engineers Lennart Koopman.
  • We have developed several popular gems including flag_shih_tzu.
  • WYSIHTML5, an awesome HTML5 rich text editor, which is in use by basecamp / 37signals, was developed by Christopher Blum whilst at XING.

Check out our other projects here and subscribe to our devblog at

As well as contributing to programming we also want to contribute to the technical community. At our headquarters in Hamburg we organize a Web Performance Meetup, contribute to JavaScript and Frontend meetups, and we often host meetings for the Hamburg Rails user group.

In the Barcelona office we are a tight-knit, friendly and international team of 20. We are active in the technical community in Barcelona, as a way of facilitating the sharing of knowledge in our city and also to meet fellow Rails enthusiasts. Some of them we end up hiring! We host the Barcelona On Rails meetings and have had some great talks such as one from Sven Fuchs who encouraged us all to contribute to open source, a great talk by Tim Bray about Android, and regular appearances from Catalunya's own Ruby Hero Xavier Noria. We recently started hosting meetings for the Barcelona JS Meetup and have some great speakers lined up. Luckily it's not too difficult to persuade people to come and visit Barcelona and do a talk. Follow us on twitter @xing_bcn to be kept in the loop. And check our current job offers at, at the time of writing we have open positions for a Software Test Engineer and a Ruby on Rails Engineer.

We are really pleased to be able to help the Codegram guys make Baruco happen, I know they're working very hard to make sure it's completely awesome. See you there!

Speaker change

July 06, 2012

We're sorry to announce that José Valim unfortunately won't be able to make it to the conference :(
He want you to know that he's sad to miss all the talks and paellas.

But when one door closes, a window opens. We want to welcome Josh Kalderimis and Sven Fuchs from TravisCI fame, as our new speakers. We're sure they're preparing an amazing talk!

Thank you guys for accepting our invitation :)

We can't wait to see you all at Barcelona. In the meantime, lets meet another of our amazing sponsors. Take your time to read these lines, they deserve it for helping us to create this conference :)

Anthony Eden, founder of DNSimple:

DNSimple is excited to be sponsoring this year's Baruco conference, one of several European Ruby conferences that we have sponsored in 2012. It is an exciting time to be a developer living in Europe. The growth of dynamic languages in development here in Europe is a wonderful thing and we hope to see the trend continue going into 2013 and beyond. Additionally small businesses are popping up all over Europe and building cool things with Ruby as their technology choice.

DNSimple was founded on the idea of providing a simple DNS and domain registration service for developers. In many ways Ruby and the Ruby community have provided the inspiration for how we built and run DNSimple. Ruby was designed to be fun and friendly for developers first and foremost, and we've put the same ideas into DNSimple. The Ruby community has been extremely supportive of our growth since 2010 and we're very happy to be able to give back to the community through our conference and event sponsorships.

I look forward to seeing, and speaking with, my fellow Rubyists in Barcelona this year. I am certain that the Baruco organizers have put together an event that we will all enjoy.

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

The time goes by and Baruco is nearer and nearer. OMG we’re so excited! :). We’ll have something to share with you in a few days - keep an eye on the mailing list! But as awesome as our speakers are, none of this would be possible without our dear sponsors - so we’d like you to take a moment to get to know them.

Here are some lines Martin Karlsch dropped us about Madvertise:

Over here at madvertise we have always been great fans of open source software and all the different free sources of information the internet has to offer (like blogs or sites like stackexchange). If we would have to name one project which we benefited most from it would definitely be the language Ruby, and the ecosystem which evolved around it.

Projects like Rails or Rubygems had a massively positive impact on our productivity. I can still remember the early days of Rails and how much joy it was compared to frameworks like Struts back then (we started with 0.11.0 - anybody still remember the famous screencast?)

However so far we have been on the consumer side, more often than not. True - we sponsored conferences like the EuRuKo and have several projects inside our public github repository but this was mostly driven by single person efforts. Even our tech blog has not seen a lot of love :-(.

Over the years we have accumulated at lot of knowledge and also created many different useful tools. Now we are planning to give a lot of that back to the community which helped us to get to where we currently are in the first place. 

What does that mean? At first we are going to sponsor more Ruby related events like the BaRuCo and get some speaker slots to share some of that knowledge. Furthermore, we want to revive our tech blog. We already have a really long list of interesting topics: how to build a highly scalable ad serving system WITH Ruby (> 100.000 requests per second), insights into different Ruby GC related problems and solutions, high performance data aggregation and storage, nginx + ZeroMQ + Ruby, a handful of useful little Rails related tools, the kanban development process at madvertise and the open source Rails based web UI we have built to manage it. And finally we will slowly start to push some of the more interesting stuff we have done to github.

AppNexus CTO Mike Noelt said once that you can only build a highly scalable, low latency ad serving system with C or Java (he talks about 500.000 impressions per second and more) - maybe we are able to show you some of our approaches that will prove that statement wrong in the future. 

Martin Karlsch, madvertise, CTO & Co-Founder

Hello again!

Phew, we're almost there. This very Friday we're releasing the last 80 tickets batch (May the 4th be with you) at 19:00 CEST. We're really excited about that, and we're sure you are too :)

Also, just in case anyone missed it: check out our web for flight recommendations and hotel discounts.

Buy your tickets here

Cheers, and see you in Barcelona!

Second ticket batch

April 23, 2012

Hi again!

After the great success of the first batch - all tickets were sold out in less than 4 minutes! - we're releasing 80 more tickets this thursday (April the 26th) at 20.00h CEST. Take a look at this nice mashup we've prepared with all the current attendee's locations!

If you wanna know what you get with a ticket, check out our last post. We've also added some hotels with deals at the venue & accomodation.

Buy your tickets here

Cheers and see you in Barcelona!

Today's the day. Well, the first of three days at least!

Since we've been receiving some tweets and emails asking us for details, we'll use this post-reminder to clarify some of them:

  • The price is always 150 EUR (there's no early-bird nor different prices for upcoming batches)
  • There will be a total of 3 batches of 80 tickets each. (You can also get an sponsored ticket buying the Stone sponsor)

The ticket to BaRuCo includes access to:

  • The conference. There will be 2 breathtaking keynotes, 14 amazing talks and a lightning talks session.
  • The whole Science Museum (yeah, the conf is held in a Science Musem!) at any time.
  • The conference party.

The ticket will also get you a beautiful BaRuCo pack: a T-Shirt, buttons, stickers and maybe more to come!

So, are you ready? Today (friday April the 20th) at 19.00 CEST, make sure you don't miss your ticket here:

Buy your tickets here

We're really excited, and looking forward to have a beer with you guys in Barcelona!

Hi everyone!

We're really happy to announce that this Friday 20th of April at 7pm CEST we will put 80 tickets on sale through Amiando and will be the first of three batches.

As we previously announced, the price will be 150 EUR including 18% VAT and ticket fees.

Happy buying :D

Hello, hello!

It's been quite a long time since our last post, but we've been really busy working out the conference's details. The last weeks have been the hardest ones though - having to choose among more than 50 really awesome, enthusiastic, inspiring proposals. We set up a little voting system among all the organizers and reviewed each of them thoroughly.

At the end, each of us had to vote up to 10 proposals - and the top 4 were to be the chosen ones.

Even though the votes were tight, after a second voting round the decision was made. So, drumroll, here they are!

We wanna thank all of you who submitted a proposal for your effort and time spent - we would really like to see you at Baruco and grab a beer!

Stay tuned for more news: We're opening ticket sales within the next few days. Be sure to be on the mailing list!


Hi everyone!

The entire Codegram team and collaborators want to thank you for your great contributions to the conference development. We are very happy about the feedback; we received about 120 responses - 43 from Spain, 17 from the USA, 11 from Poland and 8 from Germany. Amazingly enough, we saw that a lot of people (42!) wanted to be speakers. We wanted to start with a list of speakers our staff picked, but we'll eventually open a call for papers - be sure to sign up at our newsletter to keep track of the events!

We hope to meet all the demands you sent to us through the surveys, but you should understand that is impossible to please all of them.

Talk duration

We've decided the talk duration to be of 30 minutes, plus up to another 15 minutes for questions and answers and a small break.

Hacking room

We will probably have a hacking room, but we’re still thinking about the possible uses of it (pair programming, some kind of competition, just meant for socializing..?). Suggestions are appreciated!

Coffee breaks

We’re going to have two coffee breaks - one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. We'll also have a 1h 15' lunch break in which you'll be able to visit the Science Museum (the ticket comes with a free pass since it's held on the inside!). If you think you'll be short on time, you can also visit it in the afternoon, after the conf :).

Topics you'd like to see covered

We’ll consider this topics for the call for papers. By now, you can get an idea of the topics of the main speakers by watching the Speakers page and checking their Github and Twitter accounts.

More details, please!

We're very glad of how things are coming up - but we must hold our cards until more advanced stages and avoid making promises too early. One thing for sure: Expect a lot of surprises! :)

organized by :codegram