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BaRuCo (Barcelona Ruby Conference) is a two-days single-track conference about Ruby - a dynamic, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.


December 17, 2012

Talk videos!

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Baruco 2013!
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We are organizing a two-day single-track Ruby Conference in Barcelona in 8/9 September 2012

A few days ago we started a new project at Codegram. The project (which is still in development and will be released as open-source soon)

Want to speak at @baruco so frickin' badly!!
I wish September comes early this year @baruco can’t wait to meet @yukihiro_matz
Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013 is coming on September! Have a look to the speakers It'll be legendary #baruco @baruco
Have I already said how much I love new @baruco website, and lineup? Still 9 months, but I already know where I'll be on 14-15th September!
2013 has not even started and I am already looking forward to september. @baruco lineup looks phenomenal!! Who's joining me? #ruby
@baruco is back and the list of speakers is simply ridiculous! First edition was already awesome, but this man... can't believe it!
That's amazing! FYI creator of #ruby! RT @baruco: Yukihiro Matsumoto (@yukihiro_matz) will be speaking at @baruco!
It's not that one goes to a conference because of the speakers but neverthe< I'll have to go to @baruco next year:
Really enjoyed @baruco last year, and with this roster of speakers, I think I'll be back in 2013
Damn son, @baruco already has a line-up for next year and it's AWESOME.
Wow the @baruco 2013 lineup is just surreal !
wow, the @baruco lineup is amazing
@coreyhaines @baruco Wow, that really is one hell of a lineup. Those guys run a great conference.
So excited to be speaking at Barcelona Ruby Conf this year! Lots of brilliant speakers announced (and me, somehow)
. @baruco is like the Ruby All Stars game for each season
Wow! I'm speaking at @baruco next year! And what a lineup!
Conference plan for 2013: @rubyfuza -> @Railsberry -> @euruko -> @baruco -> @rubyshift -> @rubyconf… Oh well.
loving the videos from @baruco 2012. looks like i missed an awesome conference.
Thanks again guys for the @baruco conf! It was awesome! #ruby #barcelona #rocks
Baruco 2012 Highlights: @senordeveloper on @youtube - Looking forward to come back to Barcelona!
Hey! Are you missing Barcelona? Or just wonder how Baruco 2012 was? Check out our summary video and some nice photos:
Our devs attended #baruco 2012 & share their impressions! RT @vrinek Corner - Baruco 2012 #skroutz
La conférence Baruco ( était vraiment top ! Vivement l'année prochaine #rails
I need geek stickers for my new notebook @baruco @github #connfurence
Baruco & Barcelona great speakers, great organizers and a great city! Thanks <3 Now back to Holanda and let the inspiration flow :-) #baruco
About to leave Barcelona, thanks to all the @baruco organizers and attendees for the great time!
From 29 degrees to 9.. this can't be good.. Can we do @baruco again?
Did I mention that #baruco was awesome. Huge kudos to organizers. Great job!
Back from @baruco. Really enjoyed it and Barcelona. Want to go back sometime.
I'm back from Barcelona where I enjoyed #baruco  and my old haunts immensely. I'll take a few days to let it sink…
@codegram Thanks to all you guys for organizing such a great conference as the @baruco. I will for sure repeat next year!
Great conferences last weekend at @baruco Barcelona Ruby Conference!
Slides of my @baruco lightning talk. not that you can understand much from them, but hey, you asked for it:
Back in the UK after an awesome @baruco
Everyone who tweeted about my #baruco speech: honoured to serve you. Your feedback means a lot to me.
@mehowte, @bryanl, @konstantinhaase, @zedshaw and all: I'm proud of belonging to this loosely defined bunch of freaks ("community"?) #baruco
Respect to the #baruco organizers for putting together a world-class conference, and thank you so much for babysitting us.
Had a really great time at @baruco. Hope to see everyone again pretty soon. Thanks to the organizers! :)
The Homestays team is back to work after an amazing weekend in Barcelona, thanks @baruco // @paolodona @marcocampana @lucaspiller
Leaving Barcelona in an hour. @baruco was a blast and it was fun meeting everyone and giving you my talk. Wish I could stay longer.
I just got home and can see Gibraltar through my window.I'd love to assist to the next #baruco as well
An awesome weekend thanks to @baruco , now it's time to rest #tired
Good to (finally) get some sleep after an awesome weekend at @baruco. Just thanks to everyone who made it possible. #baruco
Back home after a great weekend in BCN. Congratulations @baruco!
Saw capybara, ate snails, danced the night, and attended an awesome Ruby conference with the hell of a lot great talks. Thank you, @baruco!
Back in Berlin. What a great experience also for me as a Graphic Designer. YOU ROCK! @baruco And the venue t
Back at home after an awesome weekend at @baruco. Congrats to the organizers, really. It's been amazing.
Thanks to the @baruco team and all the other attendees for an amazing weekend. Missing Barcelona already :) #baruco
@baruco thank you folks! You made this conference an awesome thing. I can't wait for next year!
Best quote of @baruco: 'please defragment the seats' :)
In the train on my way home, had a great time in @baruco! Kudos to the @codegram team for the organization!
Well done guys!! @baruco it's been a huge success!!
Thanks @codegram for organizing @baruco. We had a fantastic time in Barcelona. #baruco
Flawless organization. Congratulations @baruco !
Don t miss the tropical rain at #baruco
Hosting a ruby conference in a science museum: genius. #baruco
All the technical and organisational difficulties of #baruco are irrelevant. The program is simply awesome. Every talk is brilliant.
It should be mandatory for every conference to have a talk by either @zedshaw or @pragdave just to bring everyone back to reality. #baruco
It's not even 10am and I have already seen a capybara eating salad. #baruco
@baruco day1 was great, the drinks on the beach were great, barcelona is great, and we're having so much fun: totally worth it!
Have missed the @baruco could be my #epicFail of the year. In other news I get married this year.
I'm totally flattered by your reactions, people at #baruco. Thank you so much. It's a crazy year, and things like this make it all worth it.
Great talk by @nusco on the history of failure in computer science. Great way to close out day 1 of @baruco
@andrewmcdonough downstairs, by the jungle. Also not far from THE BALL OF PLASMA. Best. Venue. Ever. #baruco
I haven't been tweeting in detail, but all of the talks today have been excellent, and the venue rocks. Great job #baruco team!
So @baruco is being held in an awesome science museum. Chance of all attendees returning to the lecture hall on time? Approximately zero.
Heading into the last section of the first day. Very interesting talks so far, amazing venue and great job by the organizers of @baruco
Placing the venue in freaking science museum. The @baruco guys won't get enough credit for this
If you're at @baruco you should hunt down @j2h or @konstantinhaase and give them a high-5 in exchange for a Travis Pro invite #high5saturday
At @baruco - the only ruby conf featuring actual live capybaras.
There are some very serious hackers attending #baruco. Really impressed.
#baruco awesome presentations and great lunch so far!
Awesome venue, interesting talks and great food. Loving @baruco so far.
Muy decepcionante la @baruco, no ha puesto galleta para las natillas.
The venue for @baruco is fantastic.
Cuando ves el programa de @baruco , los codemotions, ux-blah's y agile-no-se-cuantos parecen de pueblo de la posguerra
How many techs you need to start a presentation? ;) @baruco
Great venue for @baruco - Nicely done guys. It's fantastic here.
Going to bed waiting anxiously to going tomorrow to @baruco
Barcelona Ruby Conference. Three beautiful words. Indeed.
@philnash beers are cold! Weather is great! @baruco rocks
¡We love RoR! Patrocinamos BaRuCo 2012, el evento de Ruby más importante de España
hay tanto @baruco en mi timeline que voy a tener que apagar el twitter para no morir de envidia
How come European designers only get conferences in the UK? Ruby developers go to friggin' BARCELONA! (Have fun at @baruco peeps)
I'm really excited: @baruco minus three days and counting …
BA RU CO #baruco @baruco ya merito! - Almost :D
lots of friends coming to @BaRuCo, it is going to be awesome
Can't wait for @baruco next week
Happy to sponsor @baruco - There are many ways to give back to the Community. This is one of them. <3
@littlemove @baruco2012 Totalmente de acuerdo. Un cartel impresionante. ¡Felicidades a los organizadores!
Hay que decirlo más: El cartel de la Baruco es impresionante.
A GIANT Thank You to the great guys from @baruco2012 for sponsoring @RubyOSC! Join the Challenge and win a ticket for the Ruby Conf!
@aeden @daksis Wow, @baruco2012 looks awesome, and I don't say 'awesome' often
have you seen the lineup for @baruco2012? - soooo much awesome.
The venue page for @baruco2012 is a fantastic source - discounted hotel rooms!
WOW: @baruco2012 first batch (80 tickets) sold out in less than 4 minutes. That's real <3 guys
Baruco is the first result in google if you search "awesome ruby conference". That surely means something! #awesomeness
CFP just closed yesterday with more than 50 submissions. This is huge!! We're gonna have a hard time choosing among so many awesome talks :)
Just submitted my @baruco2012 presentation! Off to celebrate with some starkbier.
@baruco2012 looks like an awesome conference. Check it out at
@baruco2012 already did it!, looking forward to be there, interesting people in Barcelona, this things are really necessary for our town!
¿Que no hay dev meetups de calidad en España? Barcelona Ruby Conference #yovoy :D
Baruco promise to be a really great event! @baruco2012 #ruby #conference #europe
This looks amazing. @baruco2012 -Dus
This @baruco2012 conference should be awesome with all these great speakers. Hope I can get there.
Amantes de Ruby, anotad en vuestra agenda: Barcelona Ruby Conference del 8 al 9 de septiembre.
Barcelona Ruby Conference 2012 will take place September 8-9:
We are sponsoring @baruco2012 in September and our very own @elise_huard is speaking there:
just serendipitying, I found out @baruco2012, the 2012 Barcelona Ruby conference with an awesome speaker list
organized by :codegram